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Missing...can you help?

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Hedgehog appealHedgehog in Yorkshire garden - Credit Tom Marshall

Hedgehogs are in trouble, over 95% of Britain's hedgehogs have disappeared since the 1950s... which is why Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is incredibly grateful for your support which has raised a fantastic £11,728.50 in response to our appeal.

Hedgehogs were once a familiar and well-loved visitor to our gardens, snuffling in the hedgerows and scurrying across the back lawn. Your donations mean that Yorkshire Wildlife Trust can continue to protect and conserve 97 nature reserves, not only for hedgehogs but as havens for all Yorkshire’s wildlife

176 of you have also reported 283 hedgehog sightings on our i-Spy a Hedgehog microsite and we can clearly see there are serious gaps in the hedgehog poulation of Yorkshire. However with such a limited response we will be submitting our reports to which is a central hub for hedgehog sightings across the UK and following consultation with them we will be able to implement a plan for hedgehog conservation in Yorkshire.

A huge thanks also to everyone who created a hog hole in their garden, by linking your garden with your neighbours you are actively helping hedgehog to move freely in their quest for food and a mate.

We really appreciate your support, together we can ensure hedgehogs in Yorkshire have a brighter future. Please read on for further information and how you can continue to support Yorkshire's hedgehogs...

Why are hedgehogs in trouble?

There are lots of reasons why hedgehogs are disappearing at an alarming rate: the loss of their natural habitats due to an increase in paving, decking and parking, increased fencing and housing, more roads and insecticides, means that our lovable and iconic hedgehogs are experiencing the worst decline in numbers since records began.

How can you help?

There are a number of ways in which you can help hedgehogs:

  • Huge thanks to everyone who has donated to date, we are almost halfway towards our target of £20,000 if you haven't had a chance please make a donation to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust today
  • download our Missing...Can you help? poster and display today.
  • recording your hedgehog sightings will help us to identify the areas where we can help hedgehogs the most visit iSpy a Hedgehog today
  • by taking practical steps to actively help save the hedgehog: download your copy of our 16-page booklet full of wildlife gardening ideas today
  • you can also download a 'Hog Hole Template' to create your very own hedgehog highway.

Hedgehogs are Britain’s only spiny mammal and a familiar icon of our wildlife; we're sure you’ll agree that seeing one is magical, especially as they are nocturnal, so please help us to ensure their survival. With bonfire night and winter fast approaching our hedgehogs are under threat again.

With your support Yorkshire Wildlife Trust can help hedgehogs to survive and flourish once again.

As hedgehogs are nocturnal, generally if you see one during the day they will be in distress, however before you take any action please see our Giving Hedgehogs a Helping Hand factsheet below.

Make a donation 

Disconnected habitats and dwindling food resources are at the root of the issues facing hedgehogs across the UK.

iSpy a hedgehog

We need your help to track Yorkshire’s hedgehogs so we can target conservation action to help reconnect them.

Join us

If you are not already a member, one of the best ways you can support Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's vital conservation work is by joining us.


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