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Share your passion for wildlifeWildlife Watch for adults

Across the UK thousands of volunteers are dedicated to running Wildlife Watch groups.

What is Wildlife Watch?

The aim of Wildlife Watch is to encourage children to engage in their environment and the issues affecting it. There are five principles which underpin all Watch activity: 

  • Increase understanding of our natural environment
  • Foster awareness and feeling for the world we live in
  • Encourage a caring attitude to wildlife and participation in conservation
  • Create factual, informal, fun ways to investigate our surroundings
  • Ensure that young peoples environmental concerns, ideas and opinions are recognised and developed.

Wildlife Watch Groups

Across the UK thousands of volunteers are dedicated to running Wildlife Watch groups. Watch groups give children the opportunity to discover local wildlife and get stuck into various practical activities such as wildlife surveys, pond dipping and bat detecting. Playing in a natural environment has been shown to improve children’s concentration, social and mental development, and physical and mental health.

All groups operate within a monitored framework of child welfare and safety and all Watch leaders undergo a thorough recruitment process to check their suitability to work with young people.


When the opportunity arises we use an investigative approach to explore a topic in more depth, using relevant, simple-to-do methods. By examining natural history and broader environmental issues in this way, Wildlife Watch projects enable children to participate in genuine conservation research and awareness raising.

Our past projects include

  • Water Volewatch – a search for water voles, much loved as Ratty in Wind in the Willows but now rare in the UK.
  • Treewatch –trees and tree products in our homes, gardens and streets
  • Frogwatch - a survey linking frog spawning and development to patterns in global warming
  • Riverwatch - using innovative tools and techniques to monitor local stream pollution

How can my child/children become members?

If you are already a family member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust then your children will automatically become members; to get them involved in all the activities on offer just contact your local group by clicking HERE!

What do children receive?

A membership pack full of creative and engaging resources, including:

  • A membership  badge
  • 'Wildlife Watchers' handbook to wildlife watching
  • Wildlife stickers
  • Wildlife Watch (four times a year), our lively magazine packed with features on UK wildlife and the environment news, events and competitions
  • Wildlife poster (four times a year), which focuses on specific wildlife topics.

How do I contact my local Watch group?

Visit our groups page

I am a teacher how can my school get involved?

Your school can become Wildlife Watch members and receive all the Watch publications. These can enable you to work with children helping them investigate and appreciate their local environment.

The Watch package may support classroom study, or be used as the foundation for informed activities run through local youth groups, country parks or schools.

School membership costs £30 per year; visit the membership page for more information.