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ADNR Blog June 2018

Posted: Sunday 3rd June 2018 by AdelDam

Red campion - credit Steve Leahy

To report your wildlife sightings at Adel Dam, please email Thank you.

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22nd June
   Marsh Hide

Single blackcap, jackdaw (perched on feeder rail for a while), red kite, stock dove (on feeder rail) and wren
3 Blue tit (including one juvenile)
2 Carrion crow
3 Chaffinch (two male; one female)
2 Great spotted woodpecker (different males)
5 Great tit (family group)
2 Jay
6 Mandarin (female and five large juveniles)
2 Woodpigeon (on feeder table)

   Lake Hide

Single blackcap (calling), coot, great spotted woodpecker (female), jay, kingfisher (perched in the sun at the far side of lake for a while before fishing) and robin
3 Black-headed gull
6 Great tit (family group)
2 Grey heron (the second chased off the first before fishing in front of the central reeds)
3 Mallard (female)
6 Mandarin
3 Moorhen
2 Sedge warbler (calling incessantly)
5 Tufted duck (three male; two female)
3 Woodpigeon

   Other location

Single male blackbird and nuthatch in the yew tree area

Contribution from CRH
Blue tits - credit Pam Jones                                  Coot - credit Chris Hardy

17th June
    Marsh Hide

Single blue tit, moorhen, stock dove and woodpigeon
3 Chaffinch (one male and two female)
2 Great spotted woodpecker (pair)
6 Great tit (including juveniles)
7 Mandarin (four female and three juvenile)

    Lake Hide

Single coot, grey wagtail, jay and sparrowhawk
3 Black headed gull
2 Blue tit
2 Great spotted woodpecker (two male)
12 Great tit (including juveniles)
2 Kingfisher
3 Mallard (female)
3 Mandarin
2 Moorhen
2 Sedge warbler
5 Tufted duck (three male and two female)
3 Woodpigeon (overhead)

    Other locations

3 Carrion crow
6 House martin (Doherty’s field)
2 Robin
Also wren and blackcap heard

Contributions from CH and SL

15th June
(Full site survey)
    Marsh Hide

Single blackcap, jackdaw, long-tailed tit, moorhen and robin
13 Blue tit (two families)
4 Great spotted woodpecker (pair and two juvenile)
15 Great tit (three families)
4 House martin (overhead)
3 Jay
11 Mandarin (two families: one female with four young and one female with five young)
2 additional Mandarin (female)
2 Nuthatch
3 Stock dove
2 Woodpigeon

   Lake Hide

Single bullfinch (male), coot, kingfisher (male) and reed bunting (male)
2 Black-headed gull
2 Great spotted woodpecker (one male and one juvenile)
7 Great tit (including juvenile)
7 Mallard (two male, two female and three juvenile)
2 Stock dove
4 Tufted duck (three male and one female)
Also one sedge warbler singing its heart out

   Other locations

Single curlew (flying east), great spotted woodpecker, great tit, nuthatch, oystercatcher (flying east), song thrush, stock dove and swallow
7 Blackbird (five male and two female)
5 Blackcap (male)
9 Blue tit
5 Chaffinch
3 Chiffchaff
6 Jackdaw
2 Mallard (female and juvenile)
2 Mistle thrush
3 Red kite
7 Robin
3 Treecreeper
3 Woodpigeon
17 Wren

Contributions from DAK and PM
Juvenile great spotted woodpecker - credit D. Johnston                Mallard - credit Pam Jones

12th June
    Marsh Hide

Single kingfisher
2 Great spotted woodpecker (female and juvenile)
11 Mandarin (two families: female with four half grown juvenile and female with five near full grown juvenile)

    Lake Hide

Single grey heron
4 Tufted duck (three male and one female)

Contributions from DAK, PM and SB

9th June

Reports of sightings of a hedgehog and two otters

8th June
   Marsh Hide

Single coal tit, jay, mandarin (female), nuthatch and robin
5 Blue tit (adult with four young)
2 Carrion crow
4 Chaffinch (one male with three young)
2 Great spotted woodpecker
2 Great tit (male with young)
2 Goldfinch
2 Jackdaw
5 Stock dove
Also blackcap and chiffchaff heard

   Lake Hide

Single carrion crow, coot, jay, moorhen, nuthatch, red kite and sparrowhawk
4 Black-headed gull
4 Blue tit (adult with three young)
2 Great spotted woodpecker (male with young)
3 Great tit (adult with two young)
2 Mallard families (pair with one well developed young; female with one duckling)
Mandarin family (female with six ducklings)
3 Nuthatch (two adult and one juvenile)
Also sedge warbler heard in the reeds to the right

   Other locations

Single male bullfinch just outside entrance gate

Contributions from SB and SL

                                                           Jackdaw and Jay - credit Steve Leahy

1st June
   Marsh Hide

Single blackbird (male), blue tit, carrion crow, jay, magpie, mallard, moorhen and woodpigeon
2 Coal tit
2 Great spotted woodpecker (pair)
2 Great tit
2 Kingfisher (pair seen flying back and forth as if to feed young)
2 Mandarin (pair)
2 Stock dove
Also blackcap, chiffchaff and goldcrest heard

   Lake Hide

Single black-headed gull, carrion crow, coot, great spotted woodpecker (male), great tit, heron (seen catching many small fish), jay, magpie and mandarin (with 7 juvenile)
2 Blue tit
6 Mallard (4 male and two female + 10 small young and 1 larger young)
2 Moorhen
2 Nuthatch
3 Tufted duck (2 male and 1 female)
Also several long-tailed tits heard

   Other locations

Blue tits and great tits using nest boxes, numerous wrens calling loudly and 3 nuthatches at the entrance

Contributions from PM, SB and SL

                                                           Nuthatch and Mandarin - credit Steve Leahy

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