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ADNR Blog March 2018

Posted: Friday 2nd March 2018 by AdelDam

Credit - Beth Thomas

To report your wildlife sightings at Adel Dam, please email Thank you.

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15th March
    Marsh hide

Single coal tit, curlew (overhead), dunnock, jay, long-tailed tit, mallard (male), nuthatch, robin and treecreeper
3 Blackbird (male)
2 Blue tit
9 Chaffinch (four male and five female)
3 Great spotted woodpecker (two male and one female)
4 Great tit
2 Mandarin (pair)
2 Moorhen

    Lake hide

Single great spotted woodpecker (male), grey heron (overhead), kingfisher, moorhen, reed bunting and unidentified goose
5 Blue tit
7 Great tit
4 Long-tailed tit
9 Mallard (eight male and one female)

Contributions from SL and visitors

Reed bunting - credit Stephen Beech                                Chaffinch - credit Steve Leahy

9th March
    Marsh hide

Single carrion crow, moorhen, and pheasant (male)
7 Blue tit
10 Chaffinch (six male and four female)
2 Coal tit
2 Great spotted woodpecker (pair)
4 Great tit
4 Jay
2 Magpie
2 Mallard (pair)
6 Mandarin (four male and two female)
2 Nuthatch
2 Sparrowhawk (pair; no evidence of a kill)
2 Treecreeper (seen together on the dead tree to the left, usually used by woodpeckers)
6 Stock dove
3 Woodpigeon

    Lake hide

Single coal tit, dunnock, great spotted woodpecker (female), jay, kingfisher, nuthatch, and red kite (overhead)
12 Black headed gull (overhead)
4 Blue tit
4 Carrion crow (in trees at the end of the lake)
3 Great tit
4 Long tailed tit
2 Magpie
8 Mallard (five male and three female)
2 Moorhen
4 Robin
2 Sparrowhawk (overhead; no evidence of a kill)
8 Teal (five male and three female)
Also 4 bank vole under the feeders

    Other locations

Single buzzard (overhead), mistle thrush, red kite (overhead) and song thrush.
The (milk chocolate coloured) stoat was once again seen.

Contributions from DAJ and SL

   Blackbird - credit Stephen Beech                                Great spotted woodpecker - credit Stephen Beech

8th March
    Marsh hide

A peregrine was seen in the trees at the back of the pond.

    Other locations

A visitor reported blackbird, blue tit, chaffinch, coal tit, dunnock, great spotted woodpecker, great tit, long-tailed tit, jay, mallard, mandarin, moorhen, eight redwing, robin and teal.

Contribution from FH

6th March
    Marsh hide

Single pheasant (male)
4 Blue tit
7 Chaffinch (four male and three female)
2 Coal tit
2 Great spotted woodpecker (pair)
3 Great tit
2 Jay
3 Long-tailed tit
5 Mallard (three male and two female)
9 Mandarin (five male and four female)
2 Nuthatch
3 Moorhen
2 Robin
3 Stock dove

    Lake hide

Single coal tit, curlew (overhead) and nuthatch
6 Blue tit
2 Coal tit
3 Dunnock
3 Great tit
4 Long-tailed tit
12 Mallard (nine male and three female)
4 Mandarin (three male and one female)
3 Moorhen
2 Red kite (overhead)
4 Robin
2 Teal (two male)
Also 3 bank vole and a young otter

    Other locations

Single grey heron, jay (mimicking a red kite) and song thrush
3 Mistle thrush
2 Nuthatch (close to the feet of volunteers and noisily chasing each other)
2 Treecreeper

Contributions from DAJ, SB and SL

   Robin - credit Steve Leahy                                                 Dunnock - credit Steve Leahy

2nd March
    Visitors’ sightings

Single buzzard (landed on the lake ice in a failed attempt to take a duck), goldcrest, long-tailed tit, red kite (overhead), reed bunting (lake hide feeders) and rook
15 Chaffinch
3 Coal tit
2 Great spotted woodpecker (pair)
8 Great tit
2 Jay
3 Nuthatch
7 Robin
8 Siskin
4 Stock dove
Also four wren were seen flying close together fast to and fro at waist height and then landing on a tree trunk apparently looking for a roost in the very cold weather.
In the field to the west of the reserve boundary around 500 jackdaw were seen pouring out of the trees at dusk.

Contributions from BT, GP and RH

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