List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Just a stone's throw away from the urban centre of Leeds, Adel Dam Nature Reserve offers visitors the chance of a peaceful walk surrounded by some of Yorkshire's best wildlife.

Having emerged from a centuries-old working dam the water here attracts many birds including ducks and moorhens, whilst the woodland is home to birds from tiny warblers up to red kites.

The site's past as a Victorian garden is evident from the mix of native and exotic trees that are found growing here. With a total of 36 tree species in all, visitors will find native oak, rowan and birch growing under introduced species such as Scots and Corsican pine, beech and sycamore.

This leafy paradise is covered by a carpet of moss in the swampier areas, whilst in the drier areas flowers such as bluebells and lesser celandine spring up come May.

Marsh plants bestow plenty of colour during the spring and summer, with forget-me-not, purple loosestrife and marsh marigolds providing nectar for the insects, including several species of butterflies. Later in the year fungi can be found flourishing.



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