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Celebrating Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's 70th birthday

Sir David Attenborough at YWT Askham Bog (Credit Tom Marshall)Sir David Attenborough at YWT Askham Bog (Credit Tom Marshall)

Sir David Attenborough

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust invited passionate naturalist, broadcaster and British icon Sir David Attenborough to join them and 1000 supporters at their 70th birthday party in June.

Here is the full video of the evening. The Trust would like to say a heartfelt thank you to David and all our supporters - here's to the next 70 years!

To help you navigate the video we have listed the chapters below.

  1. Director of Development Jonathan Leadley opens the evening
  2. YWT Trustee Professor Alastair Fitter introduces Sir David Attenborough. From 1:00
  3. Sir David Attenborough - An inspiring speech where he talks about our relationship with the natural world both globally and here in Yorkshire. From 2:40
  4. Jonathan Leadley invites YWT President Sir Jon Lawton to the stage to host a question and answer session with Sir David Attenborough*. From 13:55
  5. The Wildlife Trusts 100 years of nature Conservation film. From 51:14
  6. YWT President Sir Jon Lawton speaks on the history of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. From 1.07
  7. YWT Chief Executive Rob Stoneman speaks on the future of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. From 1:32


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*Questions were invited from the audience ahead of the event.