List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Fun Wildlife Activities

There are so many fun things to do once you pull on some outdoor gear and get exploring the natural world!

Seasonal Activity Sheets


FilenameFile size
Children's Autumn Activities 2.36 MB
iSpy leaflet: general wildlife905.95 KB
Blue tit colouring sheet117.16 KB
Peacock butterfly colouring sheet121.9 KB
Barn owl colouring sheet118.64 KB
Kingfisher colouring sheet122.12 KB
iSpy trees leaflet1.12 MB
Red deer colouring sheet 173.93 KB
Baby Bird Detective 780.49 KB
Fungi Detective25.35 MB
Nibbler Spotter8.73 MB
Spring Wildlife19.13 MB
Wild Fruit Detective19.16 MB
Woodland Butterfly22.72 MB
Woodland Wildlife13.4 MB
Crab colouring sheet119.38 KB
Puffin colouring sheet117.24 KB
Fox colouring sheet173.25 KB
Build a bird feeder activity sheet318.54 KB
Coastal wildlife spotting sheet123.75 KB