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ADNR Blog September 2017

Posted: Monday 4th September 2017 by AdelDam

Kingfisher - credit Chris Hardy

To report your wildlife sightings at Adel Dam, please email Thank you.

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15th September
   Marsh hide

Single buzzard, chiffchaff (one seen near the hide but several called during the session), carrion crow, great spotted woodpecker (adult female), grey heron (a juvenile strutting along the boardwalk looking for food), mandarin (male), moorhen, nuthatch, robin, buzzard, sparrowhawk (a female made an unsuccessful dive on a mallard and was then mobbed by jays and magpies) and tawny owl (called briefly from the woods at 9:15 am)
2 Blue tit
7 Canada goose (flew over)
5 Chaffinch (two male; three female)
2 Coal tit
4 Great tit
2 Jay
3 Magpie
6 Mallard (four male; two female - much head-bobbing and -dipping)

   Lake hide

Chiffchaff (calling), great spotted woodpecker, red kite, robin and sparrowhawk (male)
15 Black-headed gull (squabbling on the lake)
2 Blue tit
2 Dunnock
3 Great tit
3 Kingfisher (two birds chased each other around the lake frequently during the 1.5 h session and were joined briefly by a third; at least one was a juvenile)
5 Mallard (two male; three female)
3 Moorhen
3 Swallow

Contribution from CRH

    Willow warbler - credit Dave Johnston                                     Dunnock - credit Pam Jones

14th September

Visitors [RH and anon] saw a grey heron catching a vole at the marsh hide(?); also several chiffchaff and kingfisher at the lake hide

12th September

An anonymous visitor saw a kingfisher at the lake hide and a buzzard circling overhead

11th September
   Marsh hide

Single jay and wood pigeon
2 Blue tit
5 Chaffinch (two male; three female)
2 Coal tit
2 Great spotted woodpecker (adult male and female)
2 Great tit
2 Magpie
2 Nuthatch
3 Stock dove

   Lake hide

Single buzzard [DAJ], grey heron [DAJ], carrion crow, chiffchaff, great spotted woodpecker, kingfisher (fishing from several perches), nuthatch, red kite, robin and wood pigeon
5 Black headed gull
3 Blue tit
2 Dunnock
2 Great tit
4 Moorhen
Also one bank vole

Contribution from CRH

    Blue tit(j) - credit Dave Johnston         Bank vole - credit Pam Jones

9th-10th September

Visitors [OM, AT and J&J] reported grey heron, two great spotted woodpecker (juveniles), two kingfisher, black-headed gull and sparrowhawk (marsh hide at 7 pm)

7th September

A visitor [Ell] saw chiffchaff, grey heron, nuthatch and three kingfisher at the lake hide. Others [E&A] reported chaffinch, coal tit, great spotted woodpecker, great tit, grey heron, kingfisher, moorhen and nuthatch at unspecified locations

4th September
   Marsh hide

Single magpie, moorhen and robin
3 Blue tit
2 Bullfinch (calling)
3 Chaffinch (male; two female)
2 Coal tit
5 Great tit
4 Mallard (two male; two female)
5 Mandarin (three male (all with colour); two female)
3 Nuthatch
Also one rabbit close to hide entrance

   Lake hide

Single chiffchaff (calling), coal tit, dunnock, great spotted woodpecker (male), mallard, nuthatch and swallow
2 Black-headed gull
2 Blue tit
4 Great tit
2 Kingfisher
2 Mandarin (both female)
3 Moorhen
2 Robin (including one juvenile)
2 Teal
3 Wood pigeon
Also one bank vole under the feeders

Contribution from CRH

    Sprinting moothen (100 m in 9.95 s) - credit Pam Jones

2nd-3rd September

Visitors [anon, J, Th and OHP] reported blue tit, great spotted woodpecker, kingfisher, wood pigeon and grey heron.
A mink was also seen at the far side of the lake

1st September

Visitors [DS&CS and Tom+] saw great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch and sand martin

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