Lower Derwent Valley

Lower Derwent Valley

This exciting work funded by WREN and local partners will improve both access and the education experience for visitors to three sites within the Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve. Most of the work will be at our Wheldrake Ings reserve.

Key Aims

The work will restore habitats for the internationally rare species using the Lower Derwent Valley, while improving the access and education opportunities for all visitors to the area.

What we are doing

Most of the work is at our Wheldrake Ings reserve. A new hide will open up sweeping views across these internationally rare floodplain meadows, providing a perfect vantage point to see marsh harriers and the thousands of ducks arriving in the winter. New interpretation will be created at Wheldrake, Bank Island and Barmby Barrage and work will drastically improve the riverside path at Wheldrake leading to the two story hide, which provides incredible views of the thousands or migrating birds in winter and the flowering meadows in spring.

In addition, we will be starting  to restore a SSSI at Barmby Barrage by reducing scrub on the wader scrapes and  reduce the soil washing into the river which affects the wildlife of the river.

How you can help

There are many ways to support Wheldrake Ings and the wider Lower Derwent Valley. Firstly, by visiting! Experiencing first-hand the wonder of the 30,000 birds overwintering here is a true spectacle.

You can also volunteer on this project. There are regular work days for volunteers in the Lower Derwent Valley and we also need people who can come to the reserve on a regular basis in late summer and early autumn to check the health of our grazing stock. Email info@ywt.org.uk if you would like to volunteer.


Wren, Friends of Lower Derwent Valley, York Ornithological Club, Environment Agency, Natural England

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