Volunteer Wildlife Gardener

In Hull’s city centre, there is a special green space – small but packing a punch with over 240 different species recorded. If you have a passion for wildlife, love gardening and being outside then this role will be perfect for you!

Pearson Park is the office base for our East Regional Team and the garden is open to the public during working hours. We are looking for a wildlife gardener to help showcase this garden to visitors showing what can be achieved not only in an urban setting but within a working office environment.  

The gardens are already a haven for wildlife including birds like goldfinch, blue tits, long-tailed tits and robins, with many insects such as bee-fly’s, hoverflies and butterflies, shield bugs, ladybirds and solitary bees. Annually around 10 species of birds successfully breed in the garden and 14 different species of butterflies have been recorded. Not to mention the life in our pond and daily visits from an urban fox. We are looking for a volunteer to help maintain this special place for wildlife and assist in developing it further. 

Closing Date: 9am Wednesday 12th May

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Please return completed applications to volunteering@ywt.org.uk