Pony & Livestock Checker

Do you fancy keeping fit whilst getting some fresh air? Would you like to help us check our ponies and dexter cattle to make sure they’re in good health? This will include feeding our ponies their favourite snack – carrots!

You might be wondering why we have livestock at Askham Bog?

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust manages over 100 reserves, restoring biodiversity, protecting habitats and wildlife and providing wonderful opportunities for visitors to get close up and see some of our most enthralling wildlife. Part of the management of many of our grassland, fen and heathland reserves is carried out by grazing animals. Grazing helps control competitive ‘rough’ plant species that can out-compete the finer, more interesting species of grass and wildflower that we seek to encourage. Livestock on the reserves need to be checked to ensure that their health is good, and that they are still all there.

There is no deadline for this role. We are currently looking for 2 Pony & Livestock Checkers to join the volunteer team at Askham Bog - we anticipate this role to be popular so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

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Tel: 01904 659570

Email: volunteering@ywt.org.uk