Livestock Checker - Jeffry Bog

Livestock Checker - Jeffry Bog

Hopefully you won't fall asleep as we need you to count sheep! We're seeking new volunteers to join our team to help us keep an eye on our livestock that's out on our nature reserves.

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If you have any questions about this role or to send you application email or call 01904 659570

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We would like some new volunteers to join the livestock checkers that help us monitor the welfare of our animals when they are grazing our reserves.

Our hebridean sheep are currently grazing at Jeffry Bog until the end of September. We hope that any new volunteers who join us this year will also be able to check the sheep next year when they return.

You can find more information about this role in the detailed role descritpion below.

If you would like to apply please complete the application form and return it to