Marine Appeal

Thank you for supporting our marine appeal

(c) Chris Goldberg

Thank you for your support

We raised over £8,500 - an amazing achievement. Your support will help to protect and restore our beautiful, important coastline, helping wildlife and the natural landscape to prosper. You're ensuring that future generations are able to enjoy and appreciate our coastline and seas just as much as we do.

Thank you for supporting our marine appeal!

Where your money goes

Our vision for Yorkshire’s coastline is a connected, protected stretch of land and sea where wildlife can truly thrive. Thanks to you, we can continue to tirelessly advocate for the conservation of our seas and coastlines through our education, engagement and advocacy work as well as our direct conservation efforts.

We are determined to inspire yet more people of all ages at our Living Seas Centre, sharing important messages about recycling and pollution, and we shall continue to organise beach cleans in order to prevent a huge amount of plastic waste from ending up in the sea. Our collaborative work with fisheries and other groups will continue, encouraging everyone to interact with the marine environment in the most sustainable way possible. Our dedicated Marine Officers will keep striving to establish Marine Protected Areas along the Yorkshire coast to ensure a thriving network of marine life; a true Living Sea.

Seal split shot. Credit - Alex Mustard