Marine Appeal

Marine Appeal

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Support Marine Wildlife

Our vision for Yorkshire’s coastline is a connected, protected stretch of land and sea where wildlife can thrive.  Sadly, this vision is under threat. The 20,000 tonnes of litter which drift into the North Sea each year present an enormous challenge to coastal and marine life: as many as 95% of North Sea fulmars surveyed were found to have plastic in their stomachs. Ingestion of, and entanglement in, plastic is a huge threat to our wildlife, and there is also growing evidence to suggest that microplastics are making their way into our diets through the seafood we eat.

With thanks to Chris Gommersall 2020/VISION and Norfolk Coast National Trust for providing photos.

Music score by Ben Stanbridge. 

Where your money goes

At our Living Seas Centre in Flamborough, we tirelessly advocate for the conservation of our seas and coastlines. Our dedicated Marine Officers, for example, are currently working to establish a thriving network of Marine Protected Areas along the Yorkshire coast which will provide a safe haven for threatened marine species, such as the harbour porpoise. The Centre’s 20,000 annual visitors take away vitally important messages about recycling and plastic pollution, and we regularly organise beach cleans across Yorkshire where volunteers help us to collect a vast amount of plastic waste. In 2017, we collected 120 black bin bags of rubbish over just 0.01 square kilometres.

Seal split shot. Credit - Alex Mustard

Will you help our marine work today?

Together, we can establish healthy, wildlife-rich coasts and thriving seas across Yorkshire. We all need to do our part to protect marine wildlife. Anything you can give would be very gratefully received, but, as a suggestion:

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