Discover our story trails!

Discover our story trails at Potteric Carr and Spurn

Join Spinny the spider on their quest to find a new home

Spinny the spider is looking for a new home, and they need your help! Will you join their quest and meet all the friendly characters that live at Potteric Carr and Spurn?

New for October 2020, our story trails are a great way to discover the amazing wildlife and habitats on our nature reserves. They're perfect for a  a winter nature adventure! 

All you need to do is download the map of the reserve that you're visiting - you can print it out or follow it on your phone. Remember to bring a pen or pencil with you! When you arrive, look for the trail markers around the reserve to discover pieces of the story. Once you've found them all, there's a special challenge to discover the end of the story!

Potteric Carr story trail  Spurn story trail

Don't be scared!

Spiders can be scary but they're really just looking for a home. They don’t mean to frighten you!

Plan your visit

Whether you're heading to Potteric Carr or to Spurn to visit our story trails, there's lots more to discover at each reserve. Find all you need to plan your visit below, from how to get there to that all-important coffee break! 


Delve deeper during your visit

For older children or just those families looking for more of a challenge, why not create your own spotter sheets to use during your visit? You can select the wildlife that you'd like to see and download your very own checklist, ready for you to have on hand as you discover the reserve!

Create your own spotter sheet

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