North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election: our question to candidates

North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner election: our question to candidates

The election for North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is on Thursday 25th November.

Along with the RSPB, we have asked each of the candidates to answer the following question:

"If elected as the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, what actions would you take to reduce the nationally high rates of wildlife crime in North Yorkshire?"

As politically neutral charities, the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and the RSPB will never endorse or support any candidates or parties for elected office. However, to help our supporters be as informed as possible about their election candidates, we collate the views of candidates on issues relevant to our charitable objectives.

We provide the unedited responses to our wildlife crime question below. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

Responses from candidates

Hannah Barham-Brown - Women’s Equality Party

No response yet received

James Barker - Liberal Democrats

No response yet received

Zoë Metcalfe - Conservative Party

No response yet received

Emma Scott-Spivey - The Labour Party

No response yet received

Keith Graham Tordoff - Independent

Thank you for contacting me, the only Independent candidate in the election for the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner of North Yorkshire to be held on 25th November. I am most grateful to you and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for providing me with an opportunity to address your supporters. 

My message to the supporters of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is if you vote for me, i like you am non - political and I will be a supporter of the Trusts aims as Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire if elected on 25th November. 

Raptor Persecution have publically named me as a Raptor Champion. A few years ago, through Crimestoppers I personally offered a £5000 reward for information leading to the conviction in court of anyone found guilty of Raptor Persecution in North Yorkshire. This reward still stands.

North Yorkshire has had the worst record in the Country for the last seven years for Raptor Persecution. If elected working with the Chief Constable and Rural Task Force, I will introduce new initiatives to target known 'hotspots' including the use of technology and covert policing. As a former Police Officer having been in CID and having worked on major investigations I have an understanding of what will be necessary to deliver results. 

Fox hunting is illegal and trail hunting must not be allowed to be used as a cover for this illegal barbaric activity.

I have simple cost effective measures to introduce,  which if adopted will stop most illegal hare coursing in North Yorkshire. 

I need the electorate to vote for me as their first choice if I am to be successful in this election, keeping Politics out of the Police and Fire Services. 

I will work for everyone if elected to make North Yorkshire a safe place to live, work, or visit so that everyone will be able to enjoy the amazing wildlife of this amazing County.