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Stirley Beef

Beef shorthorn grazing in the Stirley Community Farm fieldsBeef shorthorn grazing in the Stirley Community Farm fields

Help Stirley Community Farm develop as a place where wildlife, agriculture and local people all thrive and receive wildlife-friendly beef, reared locally on the farm!

For Stirley Community Farm to suceed as an example of a farm that is both productive and wildlife-friendly it needs to be self-sustaining. To enable this Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has developed a community-supported agriculture scheme.

Help Yorkshire Wildlife Trust put the community at the centre of the farm and share in the produce of the enterprise - top quality food produced close to home!

How can I support Stirley Community Farm?

Stirley Beef logoTo support this vibrant farm, which is inspiring young and old people alike, we are asking you to sign up to our community-supported agriculture scheme for a £100 annual payment.

In return Stirley Community Farm will provide you with one 10 kg beef box a year, its value comparable to meat you would purchase in the supermarket. This will include delicious cuts of beef from cows grazed on the farm, who during their life have helped restore wildlife to the site, through a conservation grazing management regime which encourages the establishment of wildflower-rich meadows. Sign up is on a first-come first-served basis as availability is limited; it will also be the only way to get hold of Stirley beef and is being targetted at the local community, so is really rather exclusive!

The beef boxes will be ready for collection from the farm in autumn and winter, You will be given at least one month's notice of the collection date. Please do not sign up to this scheme if you are unlikely to be able to travel to the farm near Huddersfield to pick up your beef box.

For more information

If you would like to find out more about the scheme call the farm on 01484 663185; or if you would like to support the scheme call the head office on 01904 659570 to set up payment.


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