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Coastal community encouraged to go direct from “Pot to Plate” and turn raw to ready

Tuesday 16th May 2017

Edible Brown Crab Credit - David HuntEdible Brown Crab Credit - David Hunt

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust have teamed up with local sustainable fishing champions GWS Seafoods to show how we can transform home-grown, sustainable seafood into ready-to-eat treats.

Join us at the Pot to Plate Workshop 21 May

A new community workshop at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas Centre in Flamborough takes place Sunday 21 May 10am – 12pm, offering the chance to learn how to make the most of one of the tastiest offerings from the Yorkshire Coast.

The “Pot to Plate” event, developed and delivered by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Withernsea-based GWS Seafoods, is designed to de-mystify the art of dressing fresh crab and promote the importance of low impact fishing for our seas and how we can all benefit from a more sustainable fishing industry.

More than 60 000 tonnes of edible crab are caught annually, with over 70 % of the commercial catch caught around Britain. The Yorkshire coast is a rich source of these edible crustaceans. Bridlington is one of the biggest shellfish exporters in Europe.

Caught responsibility, brown crab is a great shellfish to eat, and if you know what you’re doing can be readily prepared and enjoyed at its freshest.

Alongside serving up a tasty, healthy meal in easy, well-explained steps, the “Pot to Plate” workshop is a chance to hear how Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is working with local fisheries to ensure marine life off the Yorkshire coast and beyond receives the appreciation and protection it deserves as they strive to secure the long-term future of this rich, diverse and economically important marine environment.

Kirsten Carter, Living Seas Manager at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust said: “We are delighted to be able to work with GWS Seafoods to show people a different side to their seafood. Preparation of seafood is a skill which prevents many from being ambitious regarding the seafood they are willing to try. We aim to provide people with skills which allow them to branch out and try different types of seafood whilst working with those who catch and process it to improve conservation practices at sea.”

GWS Seafoods specialise in processing locally-caught brown crab and lobster. All fishermen who supply the company are local to the area and most land their catches in Withernsea, ensuring traceability from pot to plate.

Wendy Stork from GWS Seafoods explained: “We are a family-run business with the local fishing industry at heart. We are working alongside Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to encourage people to try the best locally caught shellfish. We endeavour to give more to our fishermen for their catches as this encourages sustainability and are fortunate enough to have fishermen that are like-minded. They always try to ensure their catch is not only of the highest quality but is fished responsibly to help secure the long-term future of their livelihood by protecting the ecosystem on which it depends.”

The workshop on Sunday 21 May runs 10am – 12pm and is suitable for sixteen year olds and above. Book your place online.

The Living Seas Centre at South Landing, Flamborough, is open daily throughout spring and summer and is home to a wealth of information and activities about Yorkshire's fascinating marine and coastal wildlife. Plan your trip.

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