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Stirley's Education team invite education staff to 'Share, Learn and Improve' with us.

Wednesday 13th January 2016

Visitors admire the stunning farm landscape at Stirley

Stirley Community Farm will be sharing what they have learned from their education and engagement activities, feedback and evaluations.

We want to share how we have engaged people, what we have learned from their feedback and how we have evolved our education and engagement programmes on our busy and varied community farm.

Stirley Community Farm is Yorkshire Wildife Trust's main site for West Yorkshire. We have been engaging schools, community groups and individuals in our conservation farm since we began in 2011, with over 25,000 people attending events, visits and training programmes. 

The ultimate aim of public engagement at Stirley is that visitors, trainees and volunteers will feel skilled and motivated to continue to nurture, conserve and encourage wildlife in their own daily lives. The health benefits for participants in this diverse Living Landscape,  where people are united with wildlife and sustainable food are enormous. The wide range of  activities we have on offer appeal to a diverse range of visitors, but we are always looking to increase our audience and improve our work to make sure we are delivering fun, engaging and inspiring activites.

A series of evaluations throughout the first 5 years of Stirley’s development has helped to guide our education programme.

We want to share with other Wildlife Trusts and similar educational projects how we have engaged people, our evaluation methods and the lessons we have learned from our work. We are offering a range of ways to ‘Share, Learn and Improve’ with us. Join us for: 

‘Hangout’ sessions. Book a 30 minute slot to skype, phone or email the education team at Stirley Community Farm with questions, comments or queries about our work.

Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

See here for more information and to book

Visit Stirley Community Farm to take a tour and closer look at our engagement models and strategies, how we evaluate our work and the impact we make on the thousands of people who visit our farm each year. Wednesday 24th February: 10am – 2pm.

WildNet blogs, news, reports and feedback will be available throughout February 2016

Request a copy of our latest Nature Matters evaluation produced by Jael Williams, Cultural and Creative Learning Consultant. From March 2016.




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