List of YWT Nature Reserves (A-Z)


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Our local nature reserve

We look after 95 nature reserves, protecting some of Yorkshire's most fragile habitats.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust was initially founded due to the acquisition of Askham Bog Nature Reserve, and the acquisition and management of nature reserves has continued to be an important aspect of our work.

Our nature reserves are varied and are located all over Yorkshire, and all have their own unique interest. Many of our oldest nature reserves were acquired due to the fact that they represent ancient habitats, more recently we have acquired newly created habitats, especially in areas previous used for quarrying. But all of our nature reserves, whether they're old or new, large or small, share this common feature - They are all havens for Yorkshire's wildlife.

Our nature reserves also form an important part of Yorkshire's Living Landscape. Acquiring land near existing nature reserves allows us to join up larger areas of Yorkshire, and improving habitat connectivity is often the key aim of our conservation project work. Land acquisition is only possible due to fundraising, from legacies to appeals, landfill grants to charitable trust grants.

Many of our nature reserves are open to public access, so that you can get out and enjoy these special habitats and the wildlife associated with them. You can find out more about visiting these reserves by visting our nature reserve pages. Our reserves are dotted across Yorkshire, so there's sure to be one near you!

Map produced by YWT

Managing our nature reserves - Volunteering

Volunteers are at the heart of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, and form a crucial part of our nature reserve management - indeed without them we would not have so many fantastic nature reserves. Most habitat management work is carried out during regular practical conservation task days; if you would like to get involved please see our volunteering pages for more information.

Nature Reserve websites

The support for our nature reserves is incredible, and some are so special to members that they choose to be part of reserve supporters groups. Some of these groups have their own websites dedicated to their favourite reserves. Please bear with us whilst we integrate these websites with our main website.