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Defend Nature

Flamborough headland (Credit David Nichols)

Across Europe, including here in the UK, vital laws protect our most precious wildlife and wild places. It's not just wildlife that depend on these - we do too, for cleaner rivers, vital habitat for pollinating insects and natural places we can enjoy and spend time in. Without these laws our world is a poorer place.

Recently, the European Commission (EC) held a consultation into a review of these laws- the 'Nature Directives' - asking people to give their opinion on them.

Over 500,000 of you responded to this consulation, thank so much for all your support. The Commission will now consider the outcome of their consulation - we will let you know this outcome as soon as possible.

As part of this consultation, The Wildlife Trusts joined a coaltion of over 100 other charities and environmental organisations to provide a more detailed response to the Commission as part of their evidence gathering process.

Protection of this legislation is essential

"The EU Habitats and Birds Directives form the cornerstone of Britain's nature conservation legislation that protects our best and most precious sites and our most endangered and iconic species. The great seabird colonies of Flamborough Head, the amazing landform of Spurn Point, the high blanket peatbogs of the Pennines, the incredible limestone pavement - all Yorkshire places protected by the these Directives.

If the Review focuses on making the Directives work better, then we have nothing to worry about. But if it seeks to weaken the legislation, making it easier to destroy our precious natural heritage, future generations would never forgive us. Yorkshire is considered 'Gods Own County' and we must look after it - in all its richness and diversity, from the rich feeding grounds of the Humber mudflats - home to tens of thousands of over-wintering birds - to the awe-inspiring moorlands of the Dales. The Directives help us to do that."

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Chief Executive Rob Stoneman

It's Our Nature - Help Protect Europes Laws For Wildlife

Read The Wildlife Trusts report to find out more. You can also follow the campaign on social media - search for #defendnature to see tweets, posts and more from across Europe.




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